Vladimír Mařík
CIIRC Czech Technical University

"AI in Manufacturing"

Abstract: Abstract: The Industry 4.0 paradigm strongly influences industrial manufacturing area and highlights Artificial Intelligence as a driving force for increasing production efficiency and developing new business models. Intelligent networks of virtual twins of all physical units engaged in production enable smart system integration as well as permanent system optimization. The agent-based approaches influence both the system and the SW architectures (typically SOA) and lead to such novel concepts like production as a service, smart services of products and smart services provided to products during the whole life-cycle etc. AI has been deployed in many critical tasks like planning and scheduling, big data analytics, optimization by negotiations, learning from experience, predictive maintenance, and system resilience. Experimental testbeds do play the key role in developing new manufacturing solutions. System integration and human-machine interfaces are supported by virtual and augmented reality tools. Interesting industrial use cases will be presented and discussed. Keywords. Artificial Intelligence, agent-based solutions, virtual twins, system integration, system optimization, production planning and scheduling, testbeds.

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